I don't know what to call this page, so it will be my other page, which contains articles and silly stuff that I wanted to put on the web.


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We Didn't Start The Fire
the lyrics and details to Billy Joel's popular patter song

Celebrity Anecdotes
my life and times encountering famous people

Online Tutorials
how to do certain things online

Books I've Read
since 2002 i've tried to keep track of books i've read

Blue Man Group Mania!
my unofficial fan page for one of my favorite bands

Favorite Quotes
quotes from movies, books, theatrical productions that make me laugh

Poker Hands
A handy cheat sheet for your mobile device

Jamba Juice favorites, and other weird things I like

image files stored on my website that I'm not ashamed to share???

My World of Games

a small peek into the wide world of games that I play (both digital and physical)

audio files stored on my website, primarily of my own construction

video files stored on my website, again primarily of my own construction