I'm a gamer...I'm addicted...what more do you want Blizzard, Ubisoft, JamCity, et al.?!?!


Ravensburger's Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

This awesome game has a mechanic that requires the ability to take 4 Clue tokens, shuffle them, place them on the game board, and allow individual players to privately peek at the clues during a session. Sound like it would be impossible to play this game with friends virtually? Challenge accepted!

Ravensburger's Marvel Villainous

A sort of spin-off from Ravensburger's popular Disney Villainous game series, this game's mechanics require you to build a common Fate deck for each session that is composed of a common Fate deck with 15 cards and a number of Villain-specific fate decks with 11 cards each (one from each player).

MouseHunt Seasonal Garden Timer

HitGrab's popular game, MouseHunt, has several different areas / zones that have time-based mechanics. This page is a quickie / shortcut to view which season it currently is in the Seasonal Garden.

My World Of Warcraft Characters

While I haven't played recently, I was active for a good chunk of my college years and built up a bit of a repertoire company across a few different servers