Darwin even recanted! That ought to be enough to show you that man did not evolve from the ape.
My favorite quote is from the movie Gettysburg.
Major General George E. Pickett: Sirs, perhaps there are those among you who believe you are descended from a ape. I suppose there may even be those among you who believe that I am descended from a ape. But I challenge the man to step forward who believes that General Robert E. Lee is descended from a ape.
It just didn't happen! BUT...there is evolution in the form of adaptability . There are on this earth today more varied species than there were when God created the earth. After the flood, the creatures of the earth and sky spread out over the earth. Now anyone can tell you that the climates of the earth vary greatly based on regions. So when the animals arrived at a hotter, more humid local than they were used to...they adapted! Now some of these adaptations included physical outward changes, which explains why you have so many variances. Multiply that outward to today and you get the millions of different species. If you think about it, this shows the excellence of God as creator...all of his creations were durable enough to survive the different climates of earth. If a small temperature shift were able to wipe out his creations, his credibility would definitely go down, but it didn't, so I won't.