Disney's new night time spectacular, World of Color, is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately it's kind of tricky to see the show the way it was designed to be seen - kind of like Disneyland's fireworks with everything they project on the castle. Fortunately, I'm here to help with this hand-crafted map of the different viewing areas.

As the map delineates there are 5 different viewing areas (or "zones") available for World of Color .
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As of 6/27/2011 I have viewed the show numerous times: from the Red/Yellow zone Boardwalk (6/13 via Fastpass); from the Purple zone, near the Silly Symphony Swings (6/19 via walk up); from the back corner of the Red/Yellow zone (6/26 via FastPass); from the back of the Blue zone (11/23 via unreserved picnic); from the edge of the play fountains in the Green zone (7/2 via Prix Fixe Dining at Wine Country Trattoria and 9/15 via Prix Fixe Dining at Ariel's Grotto); and from the Purple zone, by the California Screamin' launch pad (7/3 via walk up).

I have also sampled all of the adult picnic lunches and favor The Taste Of Asia.

Now the Problems

As of July 17th, 2010 (Disneyland's 55th birthday) there are 2 3 showtimes being marketed to the general public: 9:00pm, 10:15pm, and 11:15pm however due to high demand for the new show an 11:15pm show has been consistently added to the point where it is an operational expectation for the time being . To "fully experience" the show, you pretty much need to be in the middle of Paradise Park (basically cutting a swath through the Yellow, Blue and Green zones). FastPass distribution behaves as you would expect it to, with the Blue zone 9:00pm tickets being distributed first, then Yellow zone 9:00pm tickets and then Red zone 9:00pm tickets, followed by Blue zone 10:15pm tickets, etc.

My Recommendations

If you want a "best seat in the house" to "fully experience" the show you have to spend either time or money:

Additional Notes