Disney’s Grand Floridian (after Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

There’s a live band that plays on the 2nd floor of the lobby of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. When we first walked in, they were playing a good slow jazz. We walked up to the second floor, around behind the band to the balcony on their right and slow danced. When they finished, we applauded them and they looked genuinely appreciative (folks must take them for granted a lot). Then I shouted, “Swing it!” in the hopes that they would play something more upbeat. They did, but not before I had enough time to doubt and consider the possible rudeness of my actions. They played a very jazzy and upbeat version of “Sunny Side Of The Street”. It was awesome! We even got applause from some Cast Members on the first floor! We then thanked the band and headed off to Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre.

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